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Our offer

Euro Driveshafts guarantees only the highest quality materials and precision engineering, and thus offer high strength, quality parts. We have applications to suit automotive, agriculture, construction, forklifts and industrial where large torque requirements are needed. Our product range includes power-transmission parts for cars, trucks and machinery. Components offered by us include: constant velocity joints, boot kits, driveshafts, universal joints, propshafts, centre bearings and components. We offer propshaft parts that fit most Japanese, American and European vehicles.


We also offer CV joints (constant velocity, outers, inners and also for propshafts), driveshafts. We have most models for European, American and Japanese brands (including 4x4). We have joints and driveshafts for many unusual and rare cars in the market, such as vehicles produced exclusively in the USA, Brazil, and Japan. Our parts have been tested in different forms of motorsport proving to be reliable and tough.  We stock DRIVESHAFT PARTS, ECOJoint brands.

Boot kits – We offer external and internal cv joint boots in kit form. Boots are made from a strong and flexible blend of specially selected rubber, resistant to chemical damage and adverse weather conditions. Available brands: DRIVESHAFT PARTS, ECOJoint.

Universal joints - we are able to supply any type of universal joint, regardless of size. Our warehouse stocks a very large selection of Cardan joints for most trucks and tractors (Scania, Volvo, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, and Renault) and passenger cars equipped with drive shafts (cardan).
We also stock mechanical universal joints used in construction, agriculture, mining and many other industries. Available brands are DRIVESHAFT PARTS, ECOJoint, KOYO, AKKARDAN, MATSUBA, INA.

Center bearings - we offer the largest selection of propshaft supports in Central and Eastern Europe. Our bearings are designed to work in the toughest conditions! High quality materials as well as the production process ensure a quality product. Only efficient and robust transmission components guarantee road safety! Available brands include DRIVESHAFT PARTS, ECOJoint, AKKUSAN, INTECH, KANCA.

Propshaft components - for professional rebuilding services, manufacturers of industrial and agricultural propshafts, we have a wide range of quality parts. All components are manufactured using specifications set by Original Equipment Manufacturers. Available brands: AKKARDAN, TRS, DRIVESHAFT PARTS.

Complete propshafts - we offer complete propshafts for many models of pick up’s, vans and SUVs. We stock shafts for Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Land Rover, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota Land Cruiser and many others. Available brands: AKKARDAN, DRIVESHAFT PARTS.

Hub assemblies - for our customers we have an attractive offer wheel hub bearings. At the moment we offer the hub for passenger cars, vans and SUVs. The hubs are fitted of highest quality bearing from worldwide manufacturers. If it required hubs are equipped with a built-in sensor ABS.
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